High speed milling center model D165 are machines with fixed machine bed and fixed worktable. The design of wide guide-ways and low gravity center provide high rigidity for machine, suitable for high speed movement of linear axis. Precision linear rollers and ball screws are used for the movement of coordinates. With adoption of NC driving technology, the speed of the machine can be increased from 0 to 30m/min within 0.1 sec. The key components of the machine such as motor spindle are imported from Italy to meet high speed requirement of 4000rpm for spindle. Machine with three axes or four axes are avaliable for selecting and adjusting on user's demand, five axes fuction can be realized in the case the rotary worktable is supplied. They have original performance for machining work-pieces with material of alloy aluminum, graphite, harden steel, super hard alloy, copper electrode etc., suitable for machining thin-wall work-pieces and moulds with nearly polishing finishing surface.

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