SUC8107 double-face horizontal four-station machine is a special purpose machine for milling two end faces, drilling center hole and positioning pinhole and marking, and also a parallel moving four-station machine applied to milling two end faces of camshafts, drilling center holes at two ends, drilling and reaming positioning pinholes at one end, and marking. Work-pieces are loaded manually then the following actions of positioning, clamping, milling end face, drilling center hole, drilling and reaming positioning pinhole etc. are to be automatically performed by the machine. After machining the positioning pinhole of the work-piece, the automatic sliding door on the top of the machine guard will open, the manipulator will grasp the work-piece and move horizontally to the left side of the machine, put on the marking table, clamp the work-piece and mark on it. After marking, the work-piece will automatically drop into the hopper. So far, the processing of the work-piece has been finished . The machining time is about 3 minutes. This machine is suitable for machining various camshafts and optical axes with work-piece length range from 450mm to 1000mm, as well as components need to finish the similar processes as mentioned above. It adopts integrated cast iron bed to get good rigidity, high machining accuracy and high automaticity, and also features lower labor intensity, convenient and user-friendly operation and adjustment, as well as suitable for large volume production.

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