SUC8117 crankshaft journal turning and broaching CNC machine is a high accurate, high flexible and high efficient CNC machine designed and developed for machining crankshaft journal in automobile industry. It is mainly applied to machining crankshaft journal excircle, shaft shoulder, thrust face, round angle or sink ore channel etc. This machine consists of bed, left & right headstocks, left & right longitudinal & cross slides, left & right turrets, left & right programmable center rests, inspection system, CNC system, servo system, electrical system, hydraulic system, cooling system, conveyor, lubrication system, pneumatic system and guard system etc. Feed system consists of three axes, namely X1 and X2-axis; Z1 and Z2-axis; A1 and A2-axis (cutterhead broaching spindle). Turning and broaching processes are performed through the interpolation of X-axis, Z-axis and A-axis.

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